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Crawler and wheeled excavators are often equipped with a standard "bucket". This allows the machine to transfer sand or loose rocks. The flat underside of the bucket can also be used to level soil. There is a large variety of attachments which increase the reach of excavators and wheel loaders. These are, among other things, a quick coupler, grapple, hammer, ripper or scissors. BAS Machinery always has a large variety of used and new attachments in stock.


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Brands of attachments

There are many different manufacturers of attachments. All major manufacturers within the industry, such as JCB, CAT and Komatsu and Volvo, produce attachments. There are also many independent producers such as Verachtert, Lehnhoff, Strickland, Beco, Euro Steel, Mustang, Hammer, Furukawa, Atlas Copco, Montabert, Dehaco, Kinshofer, Liebherr, Zeitveld, J&B, Demarec and Epiroc.

Types of attachments

The most commonly used attachments are quick couplers, clamshell grabs, trimming grabs, single-rope grabs, hammers, rippers, pulverisers and scissors. In addition, there are countless other types of attachments such as electromagnets, vibrating plates, compaction wheels, earth drills, bale grabs, soil cutters and bale forks.


Attachments are usually secured to the excavator by means of metal pins. The operator must leave the cab before to connect or disconnect an attachment. If the operator must often switch between attachments, a lot of time is lost. Therefore, quick couplers (QC) are widely used within the industry. They allow the operator to easily change attachments without having to leave the cabin. There are three different types of quick couplers: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic quick couplers.

How much does a used attachment cost?

The price of attachments varies widely. The price depends not only on the technical condition, but also on the type of attachment. A simple loading shovel is a lot cheaper than a hydraulic breaker. BAS Machinery always has a large selection of used and new attachments in store, ready for any job. You can buy a used bucket from BAS starting at €500. The price of a new one is about €3,500 on average.